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This is totally inapprop

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Bill Allen was on the USS ENTERPRISE at the end of the Vietnam conflict.  I 
was on the USS BEGOR (APD-127) at the very beginning of the Vietnam conflict, 
arriving in Haiphong (Yes, Haiphong, N. Vietnam) 7 days after the Geneva 
agreement was signed ending the French-Indo China war and beginning the 
Passage to Freedom operations where civilians were supposed to be free to 
leave North Vietnam for 6 months.  Dr. Thomas A. Dooley and his corpsmen were 
quartered on the ship and related to us the atrocities on the supposedly 
*free to leave* civilians that they witnessed.  Some, but not the most 
horrific, atrocities are described in Dr. Dooley's first book, "The Night 
They Burned the Mountain."

I, too, am embarrassed about the spectacle that draft dodger number 1 is 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona