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Re: This is totally inapprop

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"So please, let's take it off the list and bring it to a newsgroup where it
is more appropriate in the respect of differing opinions."

I disagree, they more than earned the right to state their opinion.
Besides, these stories and opinions are more intresting than structural
Randy Vogelgesang S.E.

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Date: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 4:44 PM
Subject: Re: This is totally inapprop

>I was in the service, but as an Army Reserve. I was, a war protester and
>campus activist in the late sixties. I am not sorry for my actions nor do I
>feel that I did anything wrong to protest a war a I felt in my heart was
>wrong. I also have strong personal convictions about the war, but don't
>that this is the appropriate place to discuss this matter. I admire anyone
>who fights strongly for their belief whether it took them to Viet Nam or
>whether they stayed to protest. There will never be a resolution to this
>matter as long as good people lost their lives in the war. So please, let's
>take it off the list and bring it to a newsgroup where it is more
>appropriate in the respect of differing opinions.
>Dennis Wish PE
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>Date: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 3:29 PM
>Subject: This is totally inapprop
>>Bill Allen was on the USS ENTERPRISE at the end of the Vietnam conflict.
>>was on the USS BEGOR (APD-127) at the very beginning of the Vietnam
>>arriving in Haiphong (Yes, Haiphong, N. Vietnam) 7 days after the Geneva
>>agreement was signed ending the French-Indo China war and beginning the
>>Passage to Freedom operations where civilians were supposed to be free to
>>leave North Vietnam for 6 months.  Dr. Thomas A. Dooley and his corpsmen
>>quartered on the ship and related to us the atrocities on the supposedly
>>*free to leave* civilians that they witnessed.  Some, but not the most
>>horrific, atrocities are described in Dr. Dooley's first book, "The Night
>>They Burned the Mountain."
>>I, too, am embarrassed about the spectacle that draft dodger number 1 is
>>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>>Tucson, Arizona