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Post-Earthquake Housing

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Rick Ranous's threaders may have an interest in an Association of Bay Area
Governments (ABAG) meeting on February 26th, Thursday, 11 to 2 in Oakland at
ABAG with the subject Housing Mitigation and Recovery Strategies for
Earthquakes. The effort has seven tasks: 
1) evaluate the effectiveness of pre-event mitigation of housing damage
2) examine motivating factors for homeowners to retrofit
3) explore incentives
4) model and estimate expected demands for post-earthquake emergency
assistance, short-term FEMA grants, and Red Cross family assistance
5) model and estimate demand on Red Cross emergency food services
6) examine the relative time periods for repair or replacement of
uninhabitable units
7) examine the impact on housing losses on the post-earthquake multi-family
rental housing market. 

Rick, I think Sarah Nathe is planning to attend on OES' behalf. You might want
to relay your ideas and findings to her.

For those of you who can't go to the meeting, please bookmark where ABAG plans to make "summary
information available to users in various forms to maximize access and
understanding of this research effort." 

Fred Turner
Staff Structural Engineer
Ca. Seismic Safety Commission
1900 K St. #100 Sacramento, CA 95814
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