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Re: This is totally inappropriate for this listserve..

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Bill Allen's message:

>  "The rest of the
> world is laughing at us, just like when Carter was in."

Not laughing.... just fascinated; at least in our part of the world.

What's wrong with a country that puts the public's right to know above looking good at all costs?

We don't know how this show will turn out, but we know we're likely to know a lot more about your leader, when it's over, than
we will about any other world leader, including our own.

Our top judges are appointed by our Prime Minister, without any public screening at all. You expose Supreme Court nominees to
trial by fire. It may not be elegant, but at least the public respects the winners in the process. Why not set high standards
for high jobs?

As for the Vietnam comments... wow! I'd forgotten there was that much emotion about the war. Of course it's easy to "armchair
quarterback" that contest, but you guys were really trying to make the world safe and free, at the time. I hope the vets and
ex-protesters now see each other's viewpoints after all these years.

And watch your language about Carter ... I like him.  He was an engineer, too, as I recall (as was Herbert Hoover). Those were
tricky times, and you can't knock his efforts or his motives. Certainly his personal example is above reproach.

As far as political comment goes, of course it's innapropriate and out of place on "our" technical list server. But I'm
enjoying this thread.

And they thought structural engineers were dull.

Jim Warne
Vancouver, Canada