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Founations for Vibrating Equipment

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     Your best source for all the go-bys AND detailed analysis is "Design 
     of Structures and Foundations for Vibrating Machines" by Suresh Arya, 
     Michael O'Neill, and George Pincus (Gulf Publishing Company).  There 
     is an entire chapter on TRIAL Sizing of foundations that includes 9 
     recommendations (go-bys) just for block type foundations on soil.  
     These include mass ratios, minimum thickness, width to length ratios, 
     location of center of gravity, etc.
     Thomas Hunt
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: <NULL>
Author:  partrick@mindspring.com_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
Date:    1/27/98 5:26 PM

I think I remember seeing on this list a long time ago some discussion of 
isolated slabs used for equipment support. These slabs are usually on the 
order of 24" thick for generator pads under 10,000 lb generators, something 
on the order of four times the equipmtent weight.
For a 20,000 pound diesel generator, 1800 rpm at rated load, would a 
reasonable approach for isolation and support be a slab of 80,000 pounds 
(24" x 12' x 24')? Vibration isolation is not so much for human comfort, 
just don't want to shake the building (1 story masonry, reinforced) and 
contents apart.
Is a rule of thumb applicable for such equipment support? I have struck out 
in my own library.
Any support would appreciated.
Ted Partrick, PE
City of Greensboro (Greensboro, NC)