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Re: Re: This is totally inappropriate for this listserve..

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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Personally, what and with whom he does (it) while on his own time and with
his own equipment is none of my
concern - let Hilery worry about it. How many congressmen and sentate members
are sleeping with young boys, prostitutes, clerks or simply cheating the
taxpayer out of millions in special interest or "spiffs" - a lot more
than I'm sure they would have us believe.  

I think they should get back to business and do what we pay them to do -
represent us. It's funny that we are "bitching" at our professional
representatives to listen to us and actually represent the voice of the
people, and we can't expect the same decency from our voice in congress.

I think you are missing the main point.  Our anger should not be focused on
his alleged sexual behavior.  We all know that was wrong, if he really did do
what he is accused of.  But there is a much DEEPER issue here, which we can
all apply to ourselves as ENGINEERS.  It has to do with CHARACTER.  Is the
man lying to us?  He has already been caught in many lies before.  If he is
lying to us now, when can we believe him?  I for one do not know.  He made a
vow to his wife when he married her that she would be the only love of his
life.  If what is being said about them is true then he lied to her.  Lying
is a poor character trait that is reflected in other areas of life.  How can
I know that he will fulfill the responsibilities of the office of the
President, which is to look out for the welfare of the USA, which he vowed to
do twice on inauguration day, if I can't trust him in other areas and he
can't keep a vow to his wife?  How can I compartmentalize parts of his
character and trust his actions in one area and not another?  I don't have
that ability.  Can someone who has share that with me?

This also goes for congressmen as well, as Dennis has brought into the
discussion.  We need men and women of good Character and Integrity
representing us.  The hard part is to find these people and put them in
office.  I know we do have many of this kind of people today serving us, but
we need to set the standard for those that serve and hold them to it so that
we can TRUST their actions on our behalf.  Idealistic thinking, I know, but
what I truly want for the greatest nation on earth.

This can be applied to engineers as well.  We all are bound by engineering
ethics.  I think every State requires an engineer to acknowledge reading them
in the registration process.  The public demands OUR character to look out
for their welfare in our design, not just our's or an owner's pocket book. 
We need to be men and women of integrity in all areas of life, for if we lack
in one, how can we keep it from spilling over into another.  I for one can
easily realize my actions in one area of my life and suddenly find myself
doing it in others.  I want my clients to trust and respect me as an
engineer, and as a man of integrity.  I don't see how I can separate them.

I don't want to forget what started this thread, which is the end of the
Vietnam war.  I was fortunate to be too young to be involved in the war.  I
count that as a blessing.  I deeply respect those who fought in Vietnam, as
well as all the other battles our nation has been involved in.  I do not want
to take my freedom for granted.  I know that literally millions of lives have
been lost in battle in the history of our nation so that I today can enjoy
the freedoms of democracy.  I wish I could thanks those men and women
personally.  To those veterans and people who served in time of peace, you
have my deepest appreciation.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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