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Re:totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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>I think you are missing the main point.  Our anger should not be focused on
>his alleged sexual behavior.  We all know that was wrong, if he really did do
>what he is accused of.  But there is a much DEEPER issue here, which we can
>all apply to ourselves as ENGINEERS.  It has to do with CHARACTER.  Is the
>man lying to us?  He has already been caught in many lies before.  If he is
>lying to us now, when can we believe him?

The main point is whether he's committed an impeachable crime, namely did 
he in fact obstruct justice by telling what's-'er-name to lie under oath. 
If she really did lie under oath. If not telling the truth about one's 
personal life were a crime, there'd be no one outside prison minding the 
store. All the Presidents in modern times told whoppers, 'forgot' things, 
or left their hearing aids on the night table. Do we think less of 
Eisenhower's character when he denied the U-2 shoot-down or George Bush 
when he claimed he was out of the loop?

There's a real world out there--I don't like parts of it, but it isn't 
going away. The people we work for don't tell us the truth; others lie 
under oath and still others boink their colleagues, employees or 
neighbors and deny it. Hell, I hear some engineers even stamp other 
peoples' drawings. We're never going to resolve America's love of 
salacious gossip and the prudish streak that gave us prohibition. Let's 
concentrate on our own moral dilemmas and get back to engineering.

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