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I have been reading ,with great interest,this thread.

I know that it is extremely important , especially in our profession, to
continue to strive to tell the real truth.

 This is what bugs me about our President. He, apparently can not tell
the truth. Now, what about our own profession? I have been in numerous
meetings with other consultants, or with Architects,or Owner/Developers,
or lawyers, and the intent in many cases is to cover up (tell lies) and
not tell the truth.
	1). When our clients can't pay us on time, I wish they would tell me
the truth, so we can work together, and come up with a realistic
2). When someone does not have the experience required for the job, or
does not know the answer, I wish they would tell the truth and just say,
"I dont have an answer for you right now, but I'll get back to you
tomorrow afternoon", rather than come up with a defensive one sided
3). When I ask my employees, "Did you check the deflection", or "Do you
feel uncomfortable with any part of this project?" I want my employees
to tell the truth.

I don't see any intent from Bill Clinton to tell the truth about
				Jim Adams