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Fw: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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> From: BCainse <BCainse(--nospam--at)>
> To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)
> Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 6:48 AM
> The obscene abuse to me is what a Special Prosecutor is doing spending
> millions and three years investigating a failed $250,000 land deal with
> PRODUCT (Expense to cost ratio=120:1, Benefit to Cost Ratio=ZERO) then
> expanding an investigation to who got into who's pants or who was in the
> Office" or what either person told the other person.  From this mornings
> polls, it appears the American people don't care about about those
> They just want their "goodies" and feel they got them in the "State of
> Union" speech.  

At first I doubted the appropriateness of this thread on this listserver,
but having read all of the responses I just have to say:

Here on Guam, due to its Unincorporated Territory status, all of our income
tax gets turned back over to our local government, where we can see it
wasted right in front of our eyes.  However, I hope that all of you
mainlanders feel you are getting your money's worth as your taxes are used
to further Ken Starr's career and pay for politician's to get their
partisan lumps in (on the other hand, if this keeps the lawmakers too busy
to be coming up with more BS legislation, maybe it's not such a bad

The fact is that politicians lie in order to get elected in today's world. 
Believing that catching a politician lying is grounds for not "trusting"
him (do people actually still trust politicians?) is in my opinion
incredibly naive.  The important question in my mind is whether or not the
politician is achieving something in regard to his/her office.  If so, then
I could care less what their extracurricular activities are (although I
would have to say that they should definitely be discrete, which Mr.
Clinton has definitely not been).  

As an example, has anyone ever read any biographic information on Winston
Churchill?  If you do, you will find that he wasn't a very nice man at all.
 As I recall, his anti semitism and generally poor view of the "lower
class" would land him in a crash course on PC these days.  But, he was what
Britain (and the allies) needed at the time, and he did a great job,
notwithstanding his "character defects".  Now, I am not comparing Mr.
Clinton to Mr. Churchill, but only saying that it is what the man
accomplishes in office, not who he is doing out of the office, that counts
for me.

T. Eric Gillham PE

T. Eric Gillham PE