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RE: Registration

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It is my understanding that most states already offer the NCEES SEI and SEII test.  As long as the state does not have a title act it does not matter if you pass CE or SE.  It is also my understanding that here in Alabama it does not matter which test you take for the first time.  In other words you can take the SEI test after working for a PE for four years and NOT ever take the CE test.

John Jones
Pell City, AL

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At this particular time we are talking only of California.  However, if the
national approach is someday implemented in the two tier concept, each
State will offer basically the current NCEES structural exam for the SEI
level and the Western States exam (as written primarily by SEAOC memebers)
for the SEII level.

When, and if, this is implemented, the idea is that commity with other
states will be easier as everyone is taking the same exam.  The reality is
that there will need to be a grandfather clause which really has not been
discussed at this time.

I hope this information answers your questions.