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Re: Rigid frame deflections (again)

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>>I've got a copy of the Interchange article, and I used slope-deflection 
theory to derive the equation given there for the pinned=end frame.
based on my derivation, the equation in Interchange is incorrect in that
factor in the denominator times Ibm should be "1" , not "2", which 
incidentally is what you quoted in your original note.  (You remember, the 
one where you did not want to use a "fancy shmancy" $$ computer program for

these "small and uncomplicated" frames)  Well, it looks to me that 
defermining frame deflections, as opposed to forces and moments, for even 
simple rigid frames is not trivial and there does not appear to much 
information (equations) for these structures in the texts either. So a 
computer program appears to be the way to go, even for a statically 
determinant frame, if one's interest include deflections. <<

I will a t some point be getting some software. But: if I don't know how
the formulas were derived or where they came from, how will I know if my
answer is right? That's the part that spooks me. It seems you could make
much bigger errors with a computer than without one.

Just a thought.

Review the slope-deflection method in my copious free time might be a good
place to start

Kate O'Brien