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RE: Herb Was Right

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>>I think it would be great to have Herbert Hoover around, because then we
wouldn't have to endure the embarrassment caused by the guy who is
currently working and playing in his office, and relationships would be
more "proper"! 

At least now, it is clear why the President is called the "Head of

Somebody recently remarked that "We have another Johnson in the White

When Bill Gates and Bill Clinton agreed yesterday to avoid improper O/S,
where they really thinking about the same thing?  Mr. Gates obviously
thinks that the only proper O/S is Windows, whereas Mr. Clinton
reportedly told an Arkansas State Trooper that O/S is sort of like a
shoe shine.<<

        And they called Nixon "Tricky Dick"

        Let's win one for the zipper

Somebody stop me!!

Kate O'Brien
Simi Valley