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RE: Thin-walled compound cross-sections shareware ?

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This isn't a "cheap" solution, but may be if you have AutoCAD. AutoCAD will calculate these properties for you. In R14, you convert your objects to a region (Draw/Region then select the objects you want to convert). Once you have a region, you can type at the command line "massprop" and then select all of the objects. the following is a sample of results (using a pipe):

Command: massprop

Select objects: Other corner: 2 found

Select objects:

 ----------------   REGIONS   ----------------

Area:                    23.0539
Perimeter:               24.0196
Bounding box:         X: 3.4131  --  7.4860
                      Y: 3.5259  --  7.5987
Centroid:             X: 5.4496
                      Y: 5.5623
Moments of inertia:   X: 734.7656
                      Y: 706.1512
Product of inertia:  XY: 698.8063
Radii of gyration:    X: 5.6455
                      Y: 5.5345
Principal moments and X-Y directions about centroid:
                      I: 21.5057 along [0.8507 0.5257]
                      J: 21.5057 along [-0.5257 0.8507]

You should be mindfull of where you are drawing your object with respect to the global X-Y axis.

Hope this helps,

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Subject:	Thin-walled compound cross-sections shareware ?

Do you know of some good and inexpensive program
that calculates shear area and 2nd moments of inertia
of thin-walled compound cross-sections?

I would appreciate any response,

Peter Rangelow
Hochtief AG,
Frankfurt , Germany