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Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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I have not commented on this thread yet, but I guess I just have to throw my two
cents in.

In my opinion, a man (or woman) cannot have one standard of ethics, morality,
and honor in one area of his life, and another in some other area of his life.

The most sacred and most important vow a man and woman will make in their life
is the one they make when they get married and form a family unit.  It is a
sacred unit, and as such is normally performed in a church with God as the the

It is easy for a man to be faithful to his family and country when things are
going great.  When times are tough, and hard choices need to be made, what
choices will a person make?

Bill Clinton has purported to have made choices in his personal life that will
embarrass and bring disgrace to his family.  His choices for personal pleasure
over sacred commitment have endangered the family unit.  He has set a poor
example for and is a poor role model for his daughter.  I am sure his daughter
is paying a stiff price for her fathers actions.  Did he take that into account
when he opted to break his commitments for a few moments of pleasure?

I worry about a person like this when things get tough for him and he has to
make hard decision.  Will he put aside his own personal needs and make a tough
decision that might make him look bad, but will be the right thing to do?  I
don't think so.

A man is what he is, don't try and tell me that things like honesty and virtue
and be turn on and off like the kitchen faucet.

No one is perfect, but our leaders must be held to a standard so that we have
some assurance that they will act in a manner that is in the best interest of
the Country, even though it may go against their own best interest.

And we also need to realize that just because a person is virtuous, doesn't mean
that they would make a good leader.  That is why good leaders are hard to find.