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Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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John, I'm not saying that a person who lies to his closest family members
can be trusted. However, I don't believe it is legal grounds for dismissal
of an employee when you can not prove that his actions affected his job.
Where is perfection in man kind. If you disagree with my philosophy of life,
shall I not trust you in your future actions for fear of undermining my
intentions. How many bigots hold jobs as protectors of the public trust but
have control over what they personally believe and the actions that they
must take in under the law? Knowing police officers most of my life, the
answer is many.
Bigotry and fear is what fires a crowd. My point is simple - prove the
allegation before condemning the man.

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Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 6:55 AM
Subject: RE: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

Let me ask you this one. If he were single and sleeping with twenty women
during his first year in office, would you consider him an ineffective
president? Would you consider him of poor character because he appears to be
I didn't correlate promiscuity with effectiveness as a leader, so yes, if he
were doing his job I would consider him effective.  I would, however,
disagree with his ethics.

I can't concern myself with a persons sex life if it doesn't affect his job.
If you found out your employee was having an affair with a married person,
would you fire him for using poor judgement?
If that person was his subordinate then the answer is yes.

Would you consider that if he
cheated on his wife and children that he would do lie and cheat on the job?
Are you saying that someone who lies and cheats on their closest family
members is less likely to lie to clients/colleagues?

To paraphrase a quote from Einstein...  Those that lie in small matters can
certainly not be trusted to the highest matters of state.  I don't recall
the exact quote but I think that's close.

John Jones
FN:Dennis S. Wish