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Re: This is totally inap

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Monte Griffiths wrote:

. > Well, Roger at least we almost got it right in Iraq, huh? 

"Almost" is the key word.  We had the necessary troops, supplies, munitions, 
equipment, and international support to do the job, but didn't finish the 

A structural analogy would be:  It is like doing a complete set of 
calculations for a job, but not providing any drawings.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

P.S.  My involvement in Viet Nam was, as I had indicated, just after the 
Geneva Accord that ended the French-Indo China war.  It was period of 
uncertainty where we didn't know what would happen.  For a month we were 
moored in the middle of the river at Haiphong, and even though the 
French-Indo China war was "over," we heard the sound of artillery in the 
surrounding hills daily.  Tidal currents in the river were tremendous and we 
were wary that the current would be used to float mines down from the hills 
as the Communists had done in Korea.  Nightly, a well armed boat would patrol 
around the ship to thwart off such contingencies.

As a 20 year old *kid*, I knew that *nothing* was going to happen to *me*.  
We had a job to do, and we tried to do it.