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Re: Rigid frame deflecti

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Kathleen O'Brien wrote:

. > I will a t some point be getting some software. But: if I don't know how
. > the formulas were derived or where they came from, how will I know if my
. > answer is right? That's the part that spooks me. It seems you could make
. > much bigger errors with a computer than without one.
. > 
. > Just a thought.

And a *very smart* thought!

*Someone* could write a program that looked like a legitimate structural 
analysis program that did nothing but generate random numbers, but also 
obeyed the laws of statics: Sum V = 0; Sum H = 0; Sum M = 0.

Before you use a computer program, you should know *exactly* what it does and 
*how* it does it!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona