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Re: totally inappropriat

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Dennis Wish wrote:

. > My opinion is that if he can sleep with three hundred women a night and 
. > get up in the morning to do his job than it's none of my concern - let 
. > Hillery worry about it.
. > Let me ask you this one. If he were single and sleeping with twenty women
. > during his first year in office, would you consider him an ineffective
. > president? Would you consider him of poor character because he appears to 
. > be promiscuous?

I would consider him not only ineffective but DANGEROUS.

The President has access to and available some of the most highly sensitive 
information, military, diplomatic, and financial, imaginable.  Permitting 
someone that is not privy to that information in the same room constitutes 
compromise of that information.

Recent news reports from another of Monica Lewinsky's purported paramours is 
that he has copies of White House documents that could only come from "a 
highly placed source."

THAT is not only dangerous, but could jeopardize the entire country.

A. Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona