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Re: Appropriateness

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Score one for your side. It must stand to reason that he is the killer O.J.
is out there searching for as well.
Dennis Wish
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Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 12:02 PM
Subject: RE: Appropriateness

>Dennis, check the news! Clinton has admitted to having an affair with
Gennifer Flowers!!
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>Subject: Re: Appropriateness
>I don't disagree with your view, just your timing. The supposition is that
>the accusations - all of them from Jennifer Flowers, to Paula Jones to
>Monica Lewinsky are true, however, none have been proven to date. When and
>if they are proven, the general consensus of this list will be right on
>target and the public will have the right to make a moral judgement of
>elected official. However, as you know, every left and right wing journal
>tablulates a polititions moral and ethical mistakes. Mother Jones Magazine
>tracks Newt and the other Republicans as the New Republic tracks Clinton
>his ontarage.
>Lets wait for the facts to come in. If they don't, then the allegations
>never strong enough or substatiated - it's as simple as that.
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>Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 8:00 AM
>Subject: Re: Appropriateness
>>".......can't tell a book by its cover........"?
>>The decisions and actions of any individual are the calling cards of the
>>nature of that person.  (".....actions speak louder....).  Over time the
>>number of any given actions or derivatives thereof are the bubbles that
>>ocean deep vents like a fart, without warning or definition other than the
>>wafting sweetness or putridness of the nature thus exposed.  It is not
>>actions per se that should concern us, it is the nature that has given
>>to those actions.  Is this not the process that our psychologists and
>>psychiatrists use in the definition of our own characters and hence our
>>impact on both ourselves and others?  If we judge that the actions of an
>>elected person are inappropriate we should, with urgency, seek out the
>>nature that produces these actions and judge on the fitness of that
>>nature/character to the role that we have set that person.  Salem-type
>>hysteria is not the scenario being advocated here!!
>>The nature/character of a leader is important in the long run to the
>>of that leader will make.  His nature (despite the influence of advisors
>>etc) will produce decisions that will be lauded, criticized, "good", or
>>Any person in high office will produce significant societal ripples and
>>landscape of our human interaction should be cautiously surveyed before we
>>venture into the minefield of state function.  It is too late afterwards
>>plead ignorance or mis-direction.
>>Look at all leaders both public and private.  Their organizations are the
>>shop front to their (and their supporters') natures.  Their organizations
>>are the oases that will sustain you or kill you depending on the
>>source that is the leader.
>>Look carefully to your leaders before they are in positions of power:  not
>>with the eyes of the greedy but with the eyes of compassionate concern for
>>the wellfare of your society.  Integrity and honesty are the hall marks of
>>the wise.  It is the wise we wish to lead us, no?
>>Thor Tandy
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