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Re: Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Sorry Bob, but I think you missed my point - he has only been accused, not
convicted or even substantiated. Rumors and allegations are not sufficient
to start an impeachment process. If you want to debate supposition than
simply state that and there will be some validity to the rhetoric. However,
he has not been proven guilty of any accusation and it is equally
irresponsible to try and convict anyone on unsubstantiated claims.

He has been caught lying on this.  In 1992 he definitely refuted Jennifer
Flowers.  Unequivocally denied it ever happened in public, on TV.  Now he
admits it.  Hey, that's lying to me!  It only came out because of the current
scandal, which hasn't been proven yet, otherwise we wouldn't have known.


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