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Re: Re: Registration

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I stand repremanded with my face in the corner and dunce cap on my head.
What chance will I ever have to pass the SE if I can't even get the history
correct. My appologies to those SE's I've offended - it was just my
ignorance speaking (however, my intentions were good).

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From: Martin Johnson <mwj(--nospam--at)EQE.COM>
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Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 4:53 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Registration

>> From my understanding, the SE designation in California originated after
>> 1971 Sylmar earthquake.
>Shame on you, Dennis.  The SE title was begun to be enacted just
>prior to the 1934 Long Beach earthquake.  Because that earthquake
>happened at about 3:15 pm, just after kids got out of school, and
>many schools in the area suffered extensive damage which could have
>killed or injured children if the earthquake had happened a few
>minuted earlier, a major motivation of the SE authority began with
>ensuring the safe design of schools.
>Martin Johnson
>EQE International, Inc.
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