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Totally Inappropriate.....

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This is Mr. Wish's Reply to Lynn Howard:

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Subject: Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)
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Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

>Bill Clinton has purported to have made choices in his personal life that
>embarrass and bring disgrace to his family.
Yes, If true, but as you state "has purported to have". By whom? Are they
reliable? Are their allegations backed by witnesses who have already
testified? If all of this is true, have charges been levied against this
Lynn, I grew up in a family of salesmen. My dad was unique among the lot
because he never womanized, drank or played the "wine and dine" game in
order to be sucessful. I worked in the business for six years. The year
following my divorce, I went to a "Parents without partners" meeting (in
hopes of meeting women). When I arrived, three of my co-workers were there
"making time". These three co-workers were not divorced, nor were their
marriages in trouble - they were there to cheat on their wives.
>His choices for personal pleasure
>over sacred commitment have endangered the family unit.
Yes, if he is guilty of the accusations!
>He has set a poor example for and is a poor role model for his daughter.
am sure his daughter
>is paying a stiff price for her fathers actions.
Not if he is innocent of the allegations!
>Did he take that into account when he opted to break his commitments for a
few moments of pleasure?
Who has proven that he broke any committments?
>I worry about a person like this when things get tough for him and he has
>make hard decision.  Will he put aside his own personal needs and make a
>decision that might make him look bad, but will be the right thing to do?
>don't think so.
You may have nothing if he is falsly accused.
The real issue is that all of those who responded to this horrible act and
condemned the man have done so on supposition. What is the basis of this?
my mind, it is as equally a horrible act to judge and sentence a person
before he is tried. 150 years ago lynch mobs stood around a tree watching a
body swing while the perpetrator to the actual crime got away. History is
full of injustice and here we are nailing 10d's into this guys coffin.
>A man is what he is, don't try and tell me that things like honesty and
>and be turn on and off like the kitchen faucet.
I won't, you're absolutly right. But where is the virtue in condemning an
innocent man. The last time I read our constitution an individual is
innocent until proven guilty. How much truth comes out of a two minute news
clip where 58 minutes have been cut out?
>No one is perfect, but our leaders must be held to a standard so that we
>some assurance that they will act in a manner that is in the best interest
>the Country, even though it may go against their own best interest.
>And we also need to realize that just because a person is virtuous,
>that they would make a good leader.  That is why good leaders are hard to
I agree with Lynn's last two paragraphs. If we can truely know up front
lies beneigth the exterior facade, we could vote for virtue, morals and
ethical values and know we were right. But, this is not possible with to
accomplish with the complexities of the human mind. Maybe the Psychic
Connection should be our adviser into the soul of any person.
I know you will all be happy to hear this one!! I'm through commenting.

I had decided not to comment on this thread although it is the most
interesting one I've ever read!  But after reading Mr Liberal's, oops
I mean Mr. Wish's response to the people's posts, I decided I had to weigh

Mr. Wish, it is obvious to me that you are a Clinton apologist and, as a
fellow engineer, I find it disturbing that political affiliation would
someone to the obvious.  The multiple scandals that have been listed by
other writers indicate a pattern in Mr. Clinton's life.  An administration
where people get fired, quit, get jailed (even die) also indicate something
about Mr. Clinton and his judgement.
Mr. Clinton himself promised that America would see the most ethical in
administrations during his Presidency.  (Insert Laugh Track Here)

As an engineer or scientist, we use available information to formulate a
hypothesis and a course of action.  Very rarely in life does one have
all the facts, but rather relies on indicators to help point the correct
way.  If we Mr. Wish's approach, we cannot criticize anyone's actions
we haven't walked in their shoes or don't have a written confession.  I'm
sorry, but intelligent people can draw strong conclusions based on
overwhelming evidence!  You are right on the money Lynn!

Lawrence Smith