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Re: WOOD - Stud Wall Splice

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Have them take the wall down and build it per your drawings and details.  No
matter what sort of fix or repair you come up with it won't be as good as your
original design and long after everyone has forgotten how good a guy you were
in bailing out the contractor for his "mistake"  when the wall bows or shows a
crack at the hindge the owner will be looking to YOU for answers.

On another note.  This type of thing seems to be a problem in our profession.
The contractor makes a "mistake" and the engineer bails him out, a lot of the
time without adequate compensation when the disruption to the office and risk
factors are concerned.  There are mistakes made in the course of construction.
Leaving out one or two anchor bolts for hold downs is a mistake.  Leaving out
all of the anchors then having the engineer bail them out is something else.
This "mistake" falls into the same catagory.  The contractor didn't make a
mistake -- he ignored the plans.  I think we sometimes make it too easy for
the contractor to ignor the plans.  The next time a contractor calls you at
4:30 on Friday and says "(insert your name here) WE have a problem and YOU
just have to help me".  Ask yourself (and the contractor) two questions:  What
do you mean we? and Why?

Just my two cents.

Mel Slaysman P.E., S.E.
Slaysman Engineering Inc