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Re: Re: Registration

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Further clarification:  In my earlier post when I converted the GMT time to
PST, I failed to note that the day of the Long Beach Earthquake would
acturally have been March 10 in California (March 11 in Greenwich).

Bill Cain, SE

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>At 16:49 1/29/98 PST, Martin Johnson wrote:
>>> From my understanding, the SE designation in California originated
after the
>>> 1971 Sylmar earthquake.
>>Shame on you, Dennis.  The SE title was begun to be enacted just 
>>prior to the 1934 Long Beach earthquake.  Because that earthquake 
>>happened at about 3:15 pm, just after kids got out of school, and 
>>many schools in the area suffered extensive damage which could have 
>>killed or injured children if the earthquake had happened a few 
>>minuted earlier, a major motivation of the SE authority began with 
>>ensuring the safe design of schools.
>>Martin Johnson
>>EQE International, Inc.
>Shame on you, Martin!  :<)       According to the USGS "California
Earthquake History 1769-Present" earthquake catalog on their website
( the Long Beach Earthquake
actually happened in on March 11, 1933 at 1:54GMT (5:54 PM PST if my
conversion is right (PST = GMT - 8hrs?)).  
>The Field Act (the enabling legislation) and the supporting Apprendix A
Regulations (actual code requirements ) governing the design and
construction of schools were adopted by April 10th of the same year (Less
than a month later !!!  Don't you wish government was currently as
responsive and didn't waste tens of millions of dollars on incompetent
special prosecutors?).