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Re: Totally Inappropriate.....

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Well said! 

Bill Cain, SE

At 10:37 1/30/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I had vowed to stop and only responded in private, but this narrowminded
>view that begins with personal insults demands my response.
>As a "scientist" it is your responsibillity...

>...    Intellegent people make sure their "evidence" is
>substantiated and accurate! The only thing we know from this case is what
>has been leaked to the press (possibly out of context) and what the
>allegation are! I'll withhold my judgment on the man until and IF the facts
>are released. Until then your welcome to your opinion, but don't cross the
>line to bash me because I don't agree with you! I made this mistake with
>Bill Allen and apologized to him for my mistake. This is what intellegent
>people do!
>Dennis Wish PE