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Re[2]: National Engineers Week (February 22-28 1998)

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     Thank you for the follow-up to the posting. 
     Should one make plans for NEW and  NEW2000  now ?
     Sash Lulla, PE

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Subject: Re: National Engineers Week (February 22-28 1998)
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Date:    1/30/98 9:37 AM

      Does one promote National Engineers Week on this site for the week of 
      February 22-28, 1998 ? 
      Does anyone have a good celebration plan for that week ?
The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. is planning a special exhibit 
in conjunction with National Engineers Week call "Breaking Through: The 
Creative Engineer". This exhibit highlights engineering creativity and 
technology with several "hands on"  units where visitors can (hopefully) get a 
glimpse of the engineering process.  This exhibit will be in Washington through 
1998, and after that will be circulated to science museums throughout North 
Tell your friends !
Bruce Bates
RISA Technologies