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RE: Totally Inappropriate.....

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Wow, when I first posted a comment about the Silver Anniversary of the Vietnam Peace Accord, I had no idea this thread would reach such depths. Mr. Smith, this has been an exchange of opinions and, IMHO, a welcome break from wl^2/8 issues. While you are certainly welcome to agree, disagree or ignore some of the comments made, I believe it is not only poor 'Net etiquette but poor general etiquette as well to hang labels and insult one's intelligence publicly as you have. In the 6,200 posts I have here in my archive, this one of yours appears to be your first and only contribution to the list. I might add it is certainly not the most impressive post in my collection.

Responses like yours are not only in poor taste but they will intimidate those who lurk on this listserv and really want to participate but fear they will get a flame similar to your post. Now, I am certain NOTHING will stop Dennis Wish from contributing, but it is not the one I am concerned about.

This listserv is a very special place that is self managed. We are free to exchange ideas, opinions and news on engineering (and yes, Tom Baughman, non-engineering) issues. Let's treat our colleagues with respect even if we disagree with them and we are CERTAIN that they do not have all of the facts. If you want to get in their face, do it privately. You were totally out of line with this post.

Bill Allen

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I had decided not to comment on this thread although it is the most
interesting one I've ever read!  But after reading Mr Liberal's, oops
I mean Mr. Wish's response to the people's posts, I decided I had to weigh

Mr. Wish, it is obvious to me that you are a Clinton apologist and, as a
fellow engineer, I find it disturbing that political affiliation would
someone to the obvious.  The multiple scandals that have been listed by
other writers indicate a pattern in Mr. Clinton's life.  An administration
where people get fired, quit, get jailed (even die) also indicate something
about Mr. Clinton and his judgement.
Mr. Clinton himself promised that America would see the most ethical in
administrations during his Presidency.  (Insert Laugh Track Here)

As an engineer or scientist, we use available information to formulate a
hypothesis and a course of action.  Very rarely in life does one have
all the facts, but rather relies on indicators to help point the correct
way.  If we Mr. Wish's approach, we cannot criticize anyone's actions
we haven't walked in their shoes or don't have a written confession.  I'm
sorry, but intelligent people can draw strong conclusions based on
overwhelming evidence!  You are right on the money Lynn!

Lawrence Smith