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Re: Totally Inappropriate.....

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Well said Dennis!
Not many of us can sustain the constant barrage of "colored" information,
propelled by a apparently un-satisfiable hunger for sensation , higher
ratings and, hidden agenda may-be?
We are seen as a Greatest Nation in the world, where everyone enjoys the
right of free speech.
We should be very proud of it.
This right that many people in the world can only dream of, seems to abused
too often.
How sensitive are  to the cause of others as a leader when our President is
being asked to respond to questions involving his sex life in front of
Yasser Arafat when the propose of their meeting was to try to bring peace
in an area troubled by war.
Does the media really believes that we have sunken so low that we all
prefere to know more about the intimate details of who he sleeps with or
the color of Monica's underware, than the leadership he provides?


 Intellegent people make sure their "evidence" is
substantiated and accurate! The only thing we know from this case is what
has been leaked to the press (possibly out of context) and what the
allegation are! I'll withhold my judgment on the man until and IF the facts
are released. Until then your welcome to your opinion, but don't cross the
line to bash me because I don't agree with you! I made this mistake with
Bill Allen and apologized to him for my mistake. This is what intellegent
people do!
Dennis Wish PE