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Re: Pushover Analysis Techniques

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  On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 youngkj(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I'm interested in pushover analysis technique.
>  In general the 2-dimension plane frame is analyzed by pushover analysis.
>  The 3-dimension frame is transferred to 2-dimension for analysis.
>  EWS or Supercom-based program can perform for 3-dimension.
>  Is there anyone who know the algorithm and the yield surface formula for
> weak and
>  strong axis ?
>  In addition pushover analysis technique that you use will be helpful for
> me.
>  Please let me know it
>  Thanks in advance
>  Youngkyu Ju
>  Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology, R.E.

I have done 2-D and 3-D pushover analyses on multi-story 
buildings. For 3-D pushover analysis, I use the CANNY-E 
program (Dr. Li: kangning(--nospam--at) I may be able to 
help you in this regard but before that please clarify
a few points for me. First of all, what is 'EWS'? Also,
what do you mean by 'yield surface formula for weak and
strong axis'? Are you talking about the yield surface
for elements or entire building?

If your question is "how to obtain a top displacement versus
base shear curve for a 3-D building" then one approach is to 
assume a load distribution (such as design load distribution)
on the mass centers of the floors and perform the pushover
analysis for the entire building using a 3-D inelastic program.
Alternatively, you can estimate the maximum top displacements
of the individual elements (frames) and then perform 2-D pushover
on them. There are few methods to estimate the maximum top displacement
of the individual frames.
By the way, there will be a state-of-the-art article in the March 1998
issue of the journal of "Progress in Structural Engineering and 
Materials"[Volume 1, Issue 3] on the pushover analysis that reviews
different aspects of this method and also provides a long list of

Abdi (A.S. Moghadam)