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Re: Totally Inappropriate.....

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Someone on the list asked if we should condemn someone for life if they showed
a lack of character at some point in their life.  Certainly not!!
While character cannot be turned on and off on a daily basis, it certainly is
something that can be acquired over time.  We grow and learn as we obtain more
life experience, and hopefully be become better people for it.  But part of
this process would involve admitting your past mistakes, learning the lessons
from the mistakes, and resolve to never repeat the mistakes again.
Bill Clinton smoking dope in college was not so bad as his ridiculous assertion
that he did not "inhale".   If Mr. Clinton had owned up to all of his past
mistakes, and presented himself as a better and reformed individual, that would
not be so objectionable.  But what is objectionable is that he continues to
show that he lacks character while he is serving in the white house.  The only
regret he seems to have is that he got caught.
People who do not have character can indeed develop it.  But it takes time, and
you have to be tested in difficult situations to see if the character is really
there that at one time may have been missing.