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Some people appear to be confusing our legal system of justice with the facts.
To be tried for a crime, civil or criminal, you must prove in a court of law
that someone is guilty.  Until that is done, the legal system must assume that
a person is innocent.
When discussing perjury, and obstruction of justice proceedings that might be
brought against these people, the Court must assume that they are innocent for
now, until proven otherwise in a court of Law.
But we are not held to that standard, and the Courts cannot even agree on the
guilt or innocence of someone.  Is O.J. innocent of guilty?  The courts have
said both.  But there is a fact of truth out there, either he did it or he
didn't, and the court findings and what you or I believe will not alter the
truth of the matter.
If you witnessed a murder, saw someone pull the trigger, the Legal system
cannot just take your word for it and convict him on the spot.  Even though you
know for a fact that this man is guilty, the Courts must still assume he is
innocent until proven guilty.  Even if there is a video tape of the crime, the
courts treat him innocent until proven guilty.  But you and I can and do make
judgments all the time on what information we have available to us.  We have
to, it is how we function in life.
In the case of Bill Clinton, it really doesn't mater what our judgments are
until Mr. Clinton is up for re-election again (or possibly if we have a
government that runs off the opinion polls).
My point is that we have to make judgments about people all the time in our
lives on imperfect information.  And we act accordingly.  We will do the same
with Bill Clinton.  And the Courts do not have the final say on if a person is
really guilty or innocent.  Guilty people are set free, and innocent ones are
convicted.  It happens all the time.
One of the factors that determines our ability to function well in life is how
well we are able to judge the character of those around us based on incomplete