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New Subject Please

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To All Concerned:

Please keep the topics to something related to Engineering.

If you want to discuss Politicians find a chat room that specilizes. 

The only reason that I signed on to this list was to have other Engineers to Listen to and to 
Talk with. Since I am a Private Consultant most of my time with the engineers in my local area 
is spent on opposite sides of a clients problems. This does not lead to an outstanding social 
interaction when we do meet in other places.

Question on new subject:

Is there anyone reading this who used the MathCad Plus 6 or MathCad 7 Professional Calculation 
program. I am always looking for new programs (Ideas and Ways) to approach design problems but 
find that I am old fashoned enough to like the "Hand Written" feel that can be achieved with 
this program. If anyone has thoughts or worksheets on or for the program I would like to hear 
from them.

Robert Stevens, Jr., P.E., S.E., R.L.S.
Consulting Engineer