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In a message dated 98-01-31 10:50:37 EST, you write:

> From:	lhoward(--nospam--at) (Lynn Howard)
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>  To:	seaoc(--nospam--at)
>  Some people appear to be confusing our legal system of justice with the 
> facts.
>  To be tried for a crime, civil or criminal, you must prove in a court of
>  that someone is guilty.  Until that is done, the legal system must assume 
> that
>  a person is innocent.
>  When discussing perjury, and obstruction of justice proceedings that might 
> be
>  brought against these people, the Court must assume that they are innocent 
> for
>  now, until proven otherwise in a court of Law.
>  But we are not held to that standard, and the Courts cannot even agree on 
> the
>  guilt or innocence of someone.  Is O.J. innocent of guilty?  The courts
>  said both.  But there is a fact of truth out there, either he did it or he
>  didn't, and the court findings and what you or I believe will not alter the
>  truth of the matter.
>  If you witnessed a murder, saw someone pull the trigger, the Legal system
>  cannot just take your word for it and convict him on the spot.  Even though
> you
>  know for a fact that this man is guilty, the Courts must still assume he is
>  innocent until proven guilty.  Even if there is a video tape of the crime, 
> the
>  courts treat him innocent until proven guilty.  But you and I can and do 
> make
>  judgments all the time on what information we have available to us.  We
>  to, it is how we function in life.
>  In the case of Bill Clinton, it really doesn't mater what our judgments are
>  until Mr. Clinton is up for re-election again (or possibly if we have a
>  government that runs off the opinion polls).
>  My point is that we have to make judgments about people all the time in our
>  lives on imperfect information.  And we act accordingly.  We will do the 
> same
>  with Bill Clinton.  And the Courts do not have the final say on if a person
> is
>  really guilty or innocent.  Guilty people are set free, and innocent ones 
> are
>  convicted.  It happens all the time.
>  One of the factors that determines our ability to function well in life is 
> how
>  well we are able to judge the character of those around us based on 
> incomplete
>  information.