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Re: Totally Inappropriate.....

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You may have a point here, but I can only add that over 12 people wrote me
of their opinions on this issue in private because they did not want to
become the object of lables that some of us have received. We may very well
get hot on the issues, but I would not encourage Mr. Smith to stop writting,
just to be careful of his use of lables. He is as welcome to his opinion as
I or anyone is. As far as I am concerned, his comments containted nothing to
substatiate truth and therefore remains opinions.
On another issue that has arisen from this thread - those who do lurk in the
Come out, introduce yourself and express your opinions. We can disagree and
still be friends. My greatest respect is for those who I have debated
intellectually - sans name calling and lables. Recently, Frank, Bill Allen
and I have gotten into very heated discussions - showing the passion that
each of us has for our position. However, I would hope, that each of us
tried to make our points by examples and supporting evidence to enhance our
side (Frank used his nephew as an example who even I would consider an
expert in the field of telecommunications). Your comments to the engineering
community are very important as we try to get you to be part of the vocal
minority rather than the silent majority. In time the balances may shift,
but until then, it is your responsibility to express yourself on issues so a
fair concensus can be derived. Furthermore, you opinions most likely contain
thoughts that never occured to others which are valid when trying to resolve
Please, please don't be afraid to express yourself on this list - I would
think it is much easier than standing in front of a crowd and publically
Dennis Wish PE

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Date: Saturday, January 31, 1998 4:43 AM
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>C'mon Bill Allen, there was no need to unload on Mr. Smith that hard.  On
>reading his posting the first time, it didn't strike me as anymore
>inflammatory than some other postings on this thread.  Plenty of strong
>feelings have been expressed on both sides.  Your posting was more of a
>on Mr. Smith, and it may drive him back to lurking, never to surface again.
>And that's the result you accused him of creating with his apparently first
>posting to this listserv.
>Frank Lew, SE
>Orinda, CA