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Suggestion for ground rules when responding to posts

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John Cannon Jones was improperly accused of comments which he did not make.
The problem stems from the manner in which we respond to these posts. Here
are some tips that will help separate conversations.

1. If you have the ability to set your email reader to accept MIME
(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) format you will be able to have more
control over the messages that you send and receive. MIME format allows you
to format messages with different fonts, colors, backgrounds lines and
For more information related to MIME compatiblity or if you simply want to
know what your are missing check out: and the
related links. MIME is not a Microsoft product - although it is supported by
Internet Explorer and I believe Netscape. I am under the impression that
MIME documents are also supported by AOL, GNN, CompuServe and Microsofts
service. When in doubt, please contact your service provider. BTW, MIME
versions are available for Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and Amiga platforms.
There are some other advantages to using MIME format. Although we have not
transfered graphics, JPG images don't require a lot of space or time to
download. I received a mime message from a friend in Chicago that showed him
on a full page JPG graphic on his beloved motorcycle. His message took a
couple of seconds longer than my other list messages to receive. We might
consider the use of graphics when necessary to better understand an issue on
the list.

2. Leave spaces between text that is copied over from past posts and your
responses (especially when you are embedding your responses into someone
elses text. Preface your response with some indicator that the speaker has
John stated "...................................."
My feelings are quite different, however........
John went on to state "........................."

This allows the user to differentiate text when insertions are made. The use
of identifiers at the begining of a line can become confusing in third
generation responses

Subject: Re: Re: Things we like to say

>I feel very strongly on this subject.
>> But he doesn't really understand the issues
>>> or the alternatives....

Following the format of inserting lines, changes in text color, size and
boldness (MIME) will help to assert information without possibly crediting
the wrong author.

3. Remove extraneous text that is not necessary to validate your argument or
post. I am as much to fault as the rest of you in this one. It is easier to
respond above an entire message than omit those portions of text that are
not valid in our reply.
Take the time to edit your posts and you will help us all save hard drive
space (my build up of email and post messages that I save is now over 30
megs of disk space).

Finally, if anyone has suggestions that will provide better ground rules on
this list, please throw them out for discussion.

Dennis Wish PE