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Re: New Subject Please

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I asked last week to remove this debate from the list. The debate continued
and those responding felt that this was an appropriate place to discuss this
issue. As the debate ensued and the arguments hit closer to home I learned
that the issues we are debating directly affect the way we interact with
each other and our clients. For example: would we hire or fire this
individual? How would we expect to present ourselves in the professional
world? Is there a set of standards for business ethics, character and moral
Most of all it proved that this is not just a list for engineering
questions, it is a list for the socialization of engineers.
My advice to those that don't want to read the messages is to set your email
reader to delete those messages with specific topics that don't interest
you. I think that the majority of email editors from Explorer to Netscape to
Eudora and I believe AOL's have this filtering feature.
I am in favor of extending the social function of this list.

One other issue that becomes relevant. It is not a simple issue to set up
and maintain a listservice. Although it is reported that SEAOC CAC has plans
to create a list for the board of directors of each chapter and for each
committee, we are presently limited by the licensing fee we paid for the
server software.  If my last discussion with Shafat was correct, we would
need to purchase additional licenses to set up new lists.
Moderated lists is also not the answer since this would cost SEAOC to employ
an individual to oversee the posts and may open the door to censurship which
I am against. I think we are all adults here and can learn to respect one
another in order to know when we have overstepped a line. If now, we have
other members on line that will remind those that need it.

Dennis Wish PE