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RE: New Subject Please

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If our economy is based on the services of the folks you have listed below, then Capitalism just won't work. In a perfect world and everyone followed the 10 Commandments (regardless of religious background) as well as the Bill of Rights, we would not need many of these folks at all. Of course, it is not a perfect world and most of these folks spend most of their time either prosecuting those who violate these rules or attempt to include their own rules. Almost on a daily basis, these people prove that they are not capable of improving the original plan, yet we continue to support their existence. A couple of years ago, when the Feds temporarily ran out of money and about 100,000 Federal employees were faced with a temporary layoff, did anybody notice? I thought 100,000 was just a good start! (Don't get me started on the Federal Government). Suffice it to say that I believe that individuals with a conscience and a modicum of intelligence are quite capable of making their own decisons.

With regards to the posting of non-technical, non-engineering topics on this listserv, I vote for keeping an open forum (at least until the system cannot handle the traffic). Many of us work in small (some even one person) offices. If we worked in large offices, we would routinely engage our office colleagues in  conversations both of technical as well as non-techical subjects. Why should this listserv be any different? We are a collection of individuals with a lot in common [maybe with the exception of Dennis Wish - just kidding, Dennis :o) ]. I believe this is not only an appropriate place but probably the best place (if not only, for some) for us to discuss issues ranging from ASD vs. LRFD to current events. If the concensus is to refrain from non-technical issues, I'll make that attempt (no promises!), but I think that would be a mistake.

Bill Allen

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> Bravo! Do we really need any more rules besides the 10 Commandments and the 
> Bill of Rights?
Dangerous thought!  Les' see - in addition to the 435 Representatives and 100
Senators in DC, there are 50 state legislatures that collectively have at
least 5,000 more of these "lawmakers" busily making rules for us.  And then
there are the countless legions of folks on city councils, county boards of
supervisors, parish commissions, special districts, etc, all of whom have the
authority to, and do, impose yet more rules upon us.  But they are only the
tips of icebergs.  Think of the vast armies of aides, analysts and
administrative assistants that support these lawmakers.  And the lobbyists and
restauranteurs who wine and dine them.  And the folks in the papermaking and
printing industries that get the hugh government business.   And the gangs of
lawyers and accountants who interpret and/or help get around the torrents of
new rules.  And the p.r. and advertising folks who soak up the campaign
expenditures.  And, and  .....

Be careful what you wish for, Bill - if the rulemaking industry vanished, we
could experience the mother of all recessions!  :-)

Frank Lew, SE
Orinda, CA