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Re: Electronic submittals

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Try to avoid giving away your electronic data with a vengeance, but if you must:

    1)    Remove all data that refers to your firm.  Remove the title block,
remove your name, remove the names of the draftee, checker, etc., etc., etc.

    2)    Put everything on ONE layer.  Make everything ONE color, etc., etc.
Make it as difficult to re-use as possible.  If your contract allows, submit an
HPGL output file instead of a DWG of DXF file.  Or, produce an HPGL file, then
import it back into a DWG file.  It'll end up as tiny straight lines, etc.,
instead of circles, & text.

    3)    Get a COMPREHENSIVE disclaimer from your client (and HIS client if
appropriate) that the data is being submitted for informational use only and
you're not responsible for anything, etc., etc.

    4)    Get paid for your extra time and effort, and for the extra value the
data provides to your client(s).

Lew Midlam, PE

John Buchanan wrote:

> To all;
> Does anyone have any experiences with submitting construction documents in
> electronic format?
> I am concerned with copywrite protection laws, illegal use of plans, ect
> Should I get a diclaimer from the county?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> John Buchanan P.E.