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Fw: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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>I can't concern myself with a persons sex life if it doesn't affect his
>If you found out your employee was having an affair with a married person,
>would you fire him for using poor judgement? 
>>>If that person was his subordinate then the answer is yes

[Eric] Not to be too nitpicky, but you do help to pay Mr. Clinton's salary,
don't you?  Aren't all public servants "employees" since they are 1) hired
by the public and 2) paid by the public?  Ms. Lewinski was his subordinate,
wasn't she?

>>>"If you'll check my post I never made any statement about impeachment or

>>>"...Do I think he should be impeached because he had an affair, no. 
Assuming that the allegations are true do I consider him to be of suspect
character, yes."

>>>Several people have said that as long as Clinton gets the job done it's
ok by them.  Right now there have been three affairs/indiscretions that
probably occurred.  What if that number were 10, 100, 500 ...  Where is the
line that changes from his affairs being ok to not ok?

[Eric] When it becomes "not ok" then what?  If impeachment is not the goal
of this investigation, then what is?  To spend many millions of dollars,
not to mention spending many man-hours, in order to have him crucified in
the press, then let him finish out his term?  To provide fodder for the
press, and give everyone something to talk about at the water cooler (or on
a list server)?  I consider coercing someone into stepping down as a form
of removal from office. 

>  I guess morals don't always impede one's performance in a position,
even if the morals (or lack of) relate pretty directly to the goals of the
office or project.
>>>"I never said that they did impede performance, check my responses to
Dennis' questions."

[Eric]  If his performance has not been impeded, then again I would have to
ask about the purpose of all of this.  If his alleged actions do not hinder
his ability to lead our country, then why have the investigation.  If his
alleged actions do hinder his ability to lead the country, and there is an
investigation but his dismissal is not the end goal, then again, why have
the investigation?