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Re: totally inappropriate... (Damn right)

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>[Eric] When it becomes "not ok" then what?  If impeachment is not the goal
>of this investigation, then what is?  To spend many millions of dollars,
>not to mention spending many man-hours, in order to have him crucified in
>the press, then let him finish out his term?  To provide fodder for the
>press, and give everyone something to talk about at the water cooler (or on
>a list server)?  I consider coercing someone into stepping down as a form
>of removal from office.

[Dennis] If they couldn't get him on White Water (a waste of taxpayers
money) and the Rose Law Firm (again a waste of Taxpayers money) then why try
to get him on sexual charges? I know, the issue is the obstruction of law,
but if nobody cared about his extra-cirricular  activities there would be no
allegations of obstruction. The "scandel" would simply have died since as
most admit, adultry is not an impeachable offense. Therefore, someone may
have orchestrated this trap.

>[Eric]  If his performance has not been impeded, then again I would have to
>ask about the purpose of all of this.  If his alleged actions do not hinder
>his ability to lead our country, then why have the investigation.  If his
>alleged actions do hinder his ability to lead the country, and there is an
>investigation but his dismissal is not the end goal, then again, why have
>the investigation?

[Dennis] According to 70% of the population (his highest approval rating and
the highest since George Bush during the Iraqee War), his job performance
has not been impeded and therefore, I would question the relevence of this
all.  I believe that this is the problem with a two party system. Not only
do they prevent fair competition from independent parties, they spend
millions if not billions of our money chasing shadows simply to knock a
piece off the chess board. Even if dismissal where the goal, what would we
loose with Gore as president. Clinton would be presidentially pardoned, he
would go back into private practice or at least write a book and make
speaking committments and would continue to receive a pension for the rest
of his life. In the mean time, Gore and future Democrate would perpetuate
their global plan.

Dennis Wish PE