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Re: Need information on Northridge EQ.

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Some of the concerns that I have about timber framed structures From
Northridge earthquake:

a) effects of diaphragms with openings
-type of failures

b) shear walls
-type of failures
-changes made to the code due to the lessons learned

c) Connections.

d) foundations


I need this information for a paper in my Seismic design and Analysis class.
If there are other concerns that you may have please let me know,  I would
like to research this subjects some more.

Others showed interest in this subject as well.  I will put all my findings on
the internet for everyone to see and comment on.

wish(--nospam--at) wrote on 98-02-01 00:55:45 EST:

Marlou, if you would like to ask some specific questions maybe we can
assist. Many of those on the list performed assessments as either OES
volunteers or as engineers hired by owners and Insurance companies. I'm sure
we are loaded with stories and personal libraries of photo's. I have quite a
few - especially in the Santa Monica area, but they are not online. If you
wanted to know something specific, I could arrange to scan those that are
relevant and email them to you in JPG format.
Let us know.
Dennis Wish PE