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Re: WOOD - Stud Wall Splice

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I can think of only one corrective measure that I'd give any thought to, and
that's to sheath both sides of the wall from top to bottom with plywood.  For
the bending moment due to the 5 psf, the plywood will act as flanges and the
studs as the web members of vertical spanning beams.

I agree that rebuilding the wall is the better/best solution.

Lew Midlam

R6A(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Advise that you remove the wall and do it as you detailed for the following
> reasons:
> the wall will never be stiff enough no matter how sharp your pencil is and
> there will most likely be a horizontal crack or bend in the finished wall at
> some point in time.  The owner will no doubt not appreciate this and you of
> course will be held responsible for the situation because you are the
> "expert".
> Art Ross, SE