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Re: Appropriateness

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>If a 50 year old engineer of mine was fooling around with one of our  20
>year old interns, I`d fire him in a second.

And if the information on your 50 year old engineer happened to come 
third-hand through an obsessive shop foreman with a passion for hearsay, 
an intense dislike for the engineer and the willingness to believe 
anything to reinforce his belief that the engineer is actually the 

And if the shop foreman's latest information source were someone who 
would lie under oath, change her story hourly, then promise to talk only 
if she weren't under oath?

And if said foreman had already dropped 30 mil in company money fishing 
for gossip and still came up with nothing?

Then would you still fire the engineer in a second?

Starr's current mishegoss is like the person who reads a little history 
and concludes, 'There's a pattern here. People wouldn't keep beating up 
on Jews and blacks if they weren't up to something.' 

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