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Re: sheet pile walls

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     AP-3 refers to the section type.  AP3 sections were produced by
     Bethlehem Steel.  They have the following properties:

         area - 10.59 in2
         width - 19-5/8 in
         weight - 22 psf
         moment of inertia per section - 26 in4
         section modulus - 5.4 in3 per lf

     Look for bolt heads or the ends of tie rods to determine whether or
     not it is a tied back wall.  If the face of the wall is submerged, you
     can probe with a rod and also check the depth of the dredge line from
     which to run some rough calcs to determine if the wall is likely
     anchored or not.  The section modulus for this section is low and
     therefore the maximum height of retained fill for the wall to act as a
     cantilever should not be very high.

     John Hubert

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Subject: sheet pile walls
Author:  DCDFLMAIL(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    2/1/98 11:38

I'm working on some improvements to an existing beachfront condo in Miami.
The as-built drawings refer to an "AP-3" sheet steel wall but contain no
further information about it.  I need to know what kind of wall it is, i.e.
cantilever, tie-back, etc.  Does this ring a bell with anyone out there?