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RE: New Subject Please

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At the SEAOC website, the e-mail listserv is described as:

"SEAOC maintains an Email server that provides an informal forum for exchange of information. Topics are generally related to SEAOC activities, engineering, business practice, and information sources."

Maybe the topic on politics was outside the bounds of the intent of the listserv. However, my original post last Tuesday (that apparently started all of this mess) was only intended to remind the participants of an apprently obscure silver anniversary. Nowhere else have I seen any mention of this anniversary including the State of the Union address (no surprise there). I just thought I was providing a public service and in no way was I attempting to use this listserv to expound on my political views to a "captive" audience.

To those of you who are either hard drive space difficient, have not discovered your delete key or otherwise offended by my political positions, I offer my sincerest appologies. Even though I would like to keep the ground rules open, it appears I share the minority opinion (not the first time, mind you). Maybe this site should remain as originally designed: focused around structural engineering topics including technical, business practice and information sources.

Bill Allen

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I would like to see all discussions focused on engineering issues. I have
fled the chat and news groups because they seem to become forums for
personal views on issues that I don't want to discuss or read about

I very much appreciate the contributions people make on this newsgroup when
they limit themselves to the issues and life of structural engineering.

An occasional funny or pithy message posted "for information only: not for
discussion" would be acceptable if off-topic. The story about the Navy and
Army guys in the wreak is an example.

If people want to discuss politics, I would urge them to spend some time in
usenet newsgroups. There are lots of folks there waiting to take them on.

Ted Partrick, PE

At 09:29 AM 1/31/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Okay, so maybe we should get a consensus on this issue.  Is this list an
"Engineering only" list
>or not?  Several people have now indicated that they think this list
should be reserved for
>engineering issues only.  Several other people have opinioned that an
occasional off engineering
>topic is okay.  I don't think that anyone thinks that this list should
evolve into a free for all,