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Lateral decision

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I am currently writing a proposal for engineering work on a two story,
early 1900's church. The owners would like to remove and relocate some
first story walls. No work is proposed for the top story.  Both upper and
lower stories have significant seismic deficiencies from their original
design but have performed well so far. My proposal is for a seismic
retrofit of the first floor.  I am wondering if I should make it a
requirement of mine that retrofitting must be done on both the top and
bottom floors or I dont take the job.

On one hand, no work is being done up top and I am making the lower floor
far stronger than it ever was so limiting my scope of work to the bottom
floor is acceptable. On the other hand, If there ever was a problem with
the upper floor the owner could say I was negligent in not making them
correct the upper floor problems. An attorney might also claim that I
changed the characteristics of the building and that led to an upper floor
failure.  I might also add that to retrofit the lower floor is relatively
easy but to retrofit the upper floor would be very difficult due to 20'
ceilings, alters, etc. and probably outside of the owners means. I would be
interested in your comments.

Sincerely: Jerry R. Taylor