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Re: Garage door detail

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Kathleen A. O'Brien wrote:
> I would like to get some feedback on the attached zipped detail.
> This detail was handed out at the APA  Workshop in Pasadena December 10,
> 1997 (many of you may also have gotten it).  It is a garage door detail,
> which consists of a GLB spanning the garage opening, supported by two very
> narrow (16" min) walls, which are sheathed on two sides. The ply sheathing
> is nailed to the GLB in a grid pattern.  Tiedown straps are added between
> the GLB and the walls, with HD's as the footing.
> My initial thoughts on this are:
> We could resolve the moment at the GLB/wall connection by distributing the
> load to the nails in the grid pattern (this was a basic statics problem in
> school). The nails would all be in shear.
> We could determine the uplift force by resolving the moment into a couple

> (another basic statics problem). We could use standard Simpson products (or
> equal) for the straps and holdowns.
> What we are doing is creating a wood moment frame. Is this wise?? If wood,
> over time, shrinks, or takes on a permanent deflection, wouldn't the nails
> lose their shear resistance capacities?
> Talk to me, people
> Kate O'Brien, P.E.
> Simi Valley, CA
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There is a definite need for the development of moment connections for
cut&stack applications.  I like the concept of the panel gusset, but
have not done the math here. I have used the Simpson (or equal) 1616HL. 
This 'L' bracket can be used to sandwich members intended for moment
connections where the moment arm for capacity is derived from the
distance between the bolts.  I wish there were larger commercially
available 'L' brackets for this application.  PSL's coupled with GLB's
and HD's for the pins would make a formidable frame.