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Re: Lateral decision

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JRTCE wrote:
> I am currently writing a proposal for engineering work on a two story,
> early 1900's church. The owners would like to remove and relocate some
> first story walls. No work is proposed for the top story.  Both upper and
> lower stories have significant seismic deficiencies from their original
> design but have performed well so far. My proposal is for a seismic
> retrofit of the first floor.  I am wondering if I should make it a
> requirement of mine that retrofitting must be done on both the top and
> bottom floors or I dont take the job.
> On one hand, no work is being done up top and I am making the lower floor
> far stronger than it ever was so limiting my scope of work to the bottom
> floor is acceptable. On the other hand, If there ever was a problem with
> the upper floor the owner could say I was negligent in not making them
> correct the upper floor problems. An attorney might also claim that I
> changed the characteristics of the building and that led to an upper floor
> failure.  I might also add that to retrofit the lower floor is relatively
> easy but to retrofit the upper floor would be very difficult due to 20'
> ceilings, alters, etc. and probably outside of the owners means. I would be
> interested in your comments.
> Sincerely: Jerry R. Taylor
Do moderate seismic forces control over wind for this structure?  Is the
structure wood framed? What is the design seismic zone? Wind exposure? 
Curious for more data...