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RE: Appropriateness

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Unless you haven't been following the news, you should be aware that it is a court martial offense for a military officer to have an affair with an enlisted person or other subordinate. Apparently, the UCMJ does not apply to the Commander-in-Chief. Strange.


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On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Lew Midlam wrote:

> Unfortunately,  you'd be sued for age discrimination.

And rightfully so! We're not talking about child molestation here, we're 
talking about an individual dislike for "May-December" affairs, BETWEEN 

> Richard Phillips wrote:
> > If a 50 year old engineer of mine was fooling around with one of our  20
> > year old interns, I`d fire him in a second.  It wouldn`t matter how good an
> > engineer he was.
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