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Re: Pushover Analysis Techniques

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On 02/02/98 08:30:18 you wrote:
>I'm interested in pushover analysis technique.
> In general the 2-dimension plane frame is analyzed by pushover analysis.
> The 3-dimension frame is transferred to 2-dimension for analysis.
> EWS or Supercom-based program can perform for 3-dimension.
> Is there anyone who know the algorithm and the yield surface formula for
>weak and
> strong axis ?
> In addition pushover analysis technique that you use will be helpful for
> Please let me know it
> Thanks in advance
> Youngkyu Ju
> Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology, R.E.

Yongkyu Ju :

You might try contacting Dr. Braja M. Das, Ph.D. at Email (dasb(--nospam--at) He is the Dean of the 
School of Computer Engineering and Science at the California State University and during my 
dealing with him for some consulting work he was most helpfull on retaining wall structures and 

He is also the author of several books on various areas of Foundation Engineering. 

If nothing else he may be able to point you in the proper direction or finding the information 
you need.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E., S.E., R.L.S.
Consulting Engineer